To provide the best value in life science equipment with highest regard for our product support and training.

Our Vision
To be the number one preferred partner of leading life science industries.

We are worthy of esteem/ high repute and we shall consistently embody this in dealing with our customers and employees.

We value loyal customers and therefore, will make extra effort for special request. Similarly, we will acknowledge employees who have contributed to the growth of the company and chooses to remain with the company. 


Our customers are assured that when we make a pledge or promise, it is good as done. As an Employer, our people know that we will honor our commitment, unless there are unforeseen events that prevented us from doing so.

Values are the social principles, goals or standards held or accepted by an individual, class society, etc. Below are the values that provide Omnibus with direction in its quest to achieve its Mission and Vision

Our clients are assured of the reliability of our products and services, they know that when we say that we only provide genuine / original spare parts, they will not doubt our word. We will not sacrifice this hard-earned reputation for short-term gain.
We will always strive to provide our clients with facts, data from experience and realistic conditions to allow them to purchase our products or avail of our services to arrive at an informed decision.
As an Employer, Omnibus wants it employees to acknowledge that whatever Management’s decisions are, it will always stand by its word.

Our clients are assured of the quality of our products and services. We deliver equipment in the best possible condition and do not hesitate to rectify any error on our part to ensure customer satisfaction.
As an Employer, we are guided by the spirit of honesty and sincerity. We will not make any commitment without ensuring we can live by it.

Quality Policy

We, Omnibus Bio-Medical Systems, Inc., a distributor of bio-medical equipment and medical reagents and provider of service repair and maintenance of bio-medical equipment, commit to implement the following activities:
  • Establish an effective quality management system designed to achieve continual improvement
  • Provide quality products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers to ensure that we remain profitable.
  • Comply with applicable laws, ordinance and regulations, as well as with agreements with and requirement of our customer and our principals.
  • Strengthen employee competencies to perform their job most effectively.